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Meredith’s Bio:

Meredith Shirk is a health and fitness expert, serial entrepreneur, traveler and small business consultant…

Meredith has been an athlete all her life…

Meredith Shirk graduated from California Lutheran University with a Bachelors of Science, in Biology, with Magna cum laude honors.  At CLU, Shirk captained the Regals water polo team to a Division III championship, a SCIAC championship, as well as an appearance in the 2009 NCAA Division I championship tournament.  Throughout her career at CLU Shirk earned herself three first-team All-SCIAC honors and three first-team All-American selections. In addition, Meredith was able to secure two ESPN/CoSIDA Academic All-America selections at large.  In addition, she was named two-time division III MVP, SCIAC player of the year, as well as landing herself on 2009 NCAA Division I tournament all-second team.  In her three seasons at CLU, Butte ranks within the top for every statistic recorded. 

Currently residing in Palm Beach, FL –  Shirk is the Founder of Svelte Training, is a Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  In addition, Meredith is a nationally registered EMT.

In 2006, Meredith created SVELTE to be a multifaceted approach to attaining one’s optimal lifestyle. She has found that mental and physical well-being are both key pieces in the puzzle that can create the best, most happy version of you. Accessing those keys takes dedication and a commitment to face your fears, conquer hardships and learn from failures. Meredith prides herself in being completely honest, upfront and truthful. This unique set of qualities has proved to be an unmatched source of connection with her clientele.

In 2016 Meredith started to develop Svelte as an online fitness and lifestyle consulting company and from ground zero, she took it to over $400K in sales in less than 12 months and in just 3 years has taken it to multiple 7-figures – building her email list to near 1 million subscribers. Starting without a list, a real online product, a name or an offer, Meredith molded her business partners and mentors, solidifying herself as an authority in her space.

Going from physical one on one personal training, trading time for dollars, to utilizing her knowledge and expanding her online influence, Meredith has built her own path to success using a lucrative online business model to scale and leverage her time…

Meredith is currently focused on her online coaching and consulting, in which she takes clients from overweight, struggling and unhappy to confident and in control of not just their bodies, but their lives.

Meredith has been featured on worldwide platforms, such as the Online Weight Loss Summit as well as the Diabetes Summit where she shares her incredible story of success and loss over the past decade of working in the health and fitness industry.

She talks about achieving the “Svelte Life”,  where not only are you fit and healthy, but your mind and life will follow suit. Meredith’s true passion, however, is owning her own businesses and serving her clients by helping them achieve their ultimate health and lifestyle goals.

Meredith Shirk is a driven and savvy businesswoman who is now stepping out from behind the curtain to educate, enlighten and empower not just people struggling with their weight, but entrepreneurs looking to bust down the barriers of self-deprecating mindsets and really take hold of their lives.

SVELTE: Streamline your body, mind, and life…


Meredith is the Founder or Co-Founder of all sites below: === > Site for men and women to regain control of their bodies and minds. === > Dirrect flow into her ultra fast and effective 1-minute Workout.






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