Start Thriving

Lesson 2

I know you are busy and guess what, I am too. Aand that’s why I created Thrive in 5’s, well kind of.

Truthfully, I made it thinking of a really great client/ friend of mine.  She is a rockstar cancer survivor and one of the most loyal people I know.

When I started Svelte, she was my first client. She approached me in the gym just weeks after going through chemo. I wasn’t even an established trainer yet. She was actually the catalyst to really getting my butt in gear and starting to expand upon a business fueled by what by I loved.  

Our first sessions were slow going, just walking and doing incline push-ups on the divider wall at Zuma beach. Week after week, she kept getting stronger and we kept pushing her workouts farther and farther, but they were never more than 30 minutes.

By the end of year 1, she was one of my strongest clients, even hopping into my personal workouts on the beach (which I am not going to lie… are no joke).

Fast forward over 3 years and now we are here. Sadly, she has battled a few more rounds of cancer and we have battled a few more rounds of starting from scratch.  

I am sure you are wondering what the heck this has to do with Thrive in 5’s?  Well, in the past several months, she has gone through some pretty rough times and she was only allowed and only capable of doing 5-minute workouts. Thus Thrive in 5’s was born.

Don’t think that any of these workouts are just aimed at caner survivors. These workouts were designed with the strongest person I know in mind.  These workouts were born from the passion and drive for helping my best friend get back on her feet and kick her cancer in the a**.  She taught me the meaning of grit and hard work. She taught me the meaning of  doing one more, just because she could.

I encourage you to use these workout to push you outside your comfort zone and get a great workout in just 5 minutes.

Thrive in 5s Workout Guide

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