The Best Fitness Tracker I’ve Seen…

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Oh fitness trackers…

I’m sure you have heard of the fabulous fitness watch known as the “FitBit”

The fitness tracker known as the “FitBit” will cost you over $100 on Amazon and still does not have the same capabilities of what I am about to share with you.

The gift I’ve been able to get for you is much like the “FitBit” but with new additional features…

And these features are specifically designed to put an end to the most terrible disease the world has ever seen.

It goes by the name Ischemic Heart Disease and in the past 10 years, it has killed 4 of my good friend’s family members

Which is the reason why I wanted to share this free gift with you…

Here are just a few of the amazing features I discovered…

  • Blood Pressure Monitor: Timely monitoring of your blood pressure, accurate analysis and recording of measurement data, combined with historical data for you to use as a reference.
  • Heart-Rate Measurement: Uses green LED lights to analyze your blood flow under your skin and gives you a 100% accurate heart rate.
  • Pedometer & Distance Statistics: Count your steps daily, weekly and monthly and keep track of your daily walking distances. Tracks in both miles and kilometers!
  • Calorie-Burn Counter: Measure the amount of calories you burn each day and use the data as a reference to keep a heart-healthy diet.
  • Sleep Monitor: Tracks and records the amount of time you sleep so you know if you’re getting a healthy amount of rest each week.
  • Sedentary Reminder: Let’s you know when you’ve been sitting or resting for too long. This will let you know when it’s time to get some heart-healthy exercise!

What’s more is a famous heart surgeon from Florida is giving away exactly 1000 of these “Heart Strong Fitness Trackers for FREE as a way to eliminate heart disease in America.

But you must hurry, as this is a nationwide campaign and there is a strict limit of 1000 Free Fitness Trackers.

Just click the link below and enter your preferred shipping address to receive your free Heart-Strong Fitness Tracker:

 Send My Free Fitness Tracker

Again here are some of its amazing features…

  • Blood Pressure Monitor: Uses Green LED Lights to measure blood pressure
  • Heart-Rate Monitor: Green lights analyze blood flow under your skin and gives you 100% accurate heart rate
  • Steps & Distance Tracker
  • Calorie-Burn Counter
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Alarms & Reminders

Send My Free Fitness Tracker

There are exactly 1000 of these Heart-Strong Fitness Trackers being given away for free, in an attempt save lives from heart disease.

People are already using their Heart-Strong Fitness Trackers to lose weight, count their steps and improve their heart health…

So, they can live long, happy lives!

Now it’s your turn 😉


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